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FAQ • DriversOnWheels

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if we don’t do a full hour?
  • We divide the hour charge by the amount of minutes you do and the additional is charged to you
  • Why preschedule for long distance?
  • We want to make sure our drivers are well rested for long distance journeys and also ensure proper arrangements are made in case they have to sleep over
  • Are rates same for long distance?
  • The rates are same for long distance trips. If the trip requires stay overs we will require an extra fee for Driver accommodation if you haven't made such arrangements
  • Can I use your service for a long period?
  • Yes. Just call our office and we will be glad to make arrangements with you. 030 263 1752 0557928013
  • Can my company use your service?
  • Yes we attend to corporate clients
  • If I have a complaint?
  • We take our customer complaints very seriously. Please call our admins and your complaint will be handled expeditiously
  • What happens if Driver does not show up?
  • Please contact us and a replacement will be sent immediately
  • Can I cancel an order?
  • Yes you can cancel an order at no charge if notice of at least 3 hours is given. If not you may be surcharged.
  • Insurance
  • We require your vehicles be adequately insured when you order for a driver. Our own fleet of vehicles come with adequate insurance
  • Are your drivers licensed?
  • All our drivers are licensed and have years of driving experience
  • Are your vehicles road worthy?
  • We require your vehicles are road worthy. Our own fleet of vehicles are road worthy and have road worthy certificates
  • Can I pay online?
  • We accept cash, mobile money and online payments
  • If there is an accident
  • We rely on insurance to indemnify parties involved in any unfortunate case of an accident
  • Am I safe?
  • Your safety is our priority. Our drivers are decent, skilled, and trained to ensure you arrive at your destination and back safely
  • Where are you located?
  • Please find us on the 6TH Floor of the Ghana Multimedia Center, High street, Accra.
  • What is a long distance trip?
  • Long distance trips are trips that will require More than 6 hours drive to destination and back, and trips that will involve stay overs at destination